She was walking alone,actually she was not alone ,she was having great company of thoughts along with her….. OMG,one thing… before some days,she was very happy,she was like she got everything,was feeling like the goal is ahead just,the way towards achievement was green and bright …… By the way,what happens when some person losses hope?? […]

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Hello everyone… Sans is here finally …after long time I don’t know how to start writing ,or what i am going to write,i don’t know anything… When i feel like i don’t know i am sad or anything else i just say “i am feeling “pta ni” “ we all have some dreams ,also we […]


Poem (i don’t care now)

Hey listen… Are you ready to laugh now ?? Are you ready to say “wow” ?? Are you  ready ???? I am going to write… Another poem now…. I just wanna say… I don’t care now!!! You are leaving?? Sun is setting?? Who is achieving?? Who is losing?? Someone laughing?? Someone grieving?? I don’t care […]

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Journey continue…

As’salam-o-Alikum everyone… Was thinking to write from many days so finally ,Am here now… I didn’t write from long time actually i was stuck between reality and so called reality … well am still stuck but as we all know ,Whatever  happens,it matters or not  life goes on! let’s take an example of desert ,when man go from one place […]

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That time was much hard and terrible,their was dark night in sunny day,their was fresh air everywhere but no one was able to take breath in that fresh air.i was totally fine that time but was having much pain ,that pain was increasing with time,i was feeling like today i am going to free,that feeling […]

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Be positive…

​ I just heard some whispers,they are talking on life It all sounds like.. My life mysterious, your life mysterious Someones life mysterious, everyones life mysterious  There were same whispers.. In North n South,In East n West Not agree,m not at all agree With all of them,m not agree Not agree because ,i think.. I […]

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She is my friend..

​ Ummm..today..not today..its about everyday ..well,i want to write about my friend,but i get confuse between words! What to write? Its not because i have nothing to write,actually i can’t explain her in words… One thing about herwhich i like most ,its her “Why”.she use “why” too much,well i have to say its always .. […]

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